Glover Park Alliance

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The Glover Park Alliance is an informal working group of businesses, residents, and local elected representatives.  We originally got together after a May 2018 Advisory Neighborhood Commission meeting dedicated to exploring ways to revitalize our commercial area.  So many people showed up for that meeting, it was clear that the concern was wide and deep. 

From that meeting, the group of people who have become the Glover Park Alliance have been meeting on a monthly basis to try and figure out what we could do to bring the energy back to Glover Park.

 Our first activity occurred at Glover Park Day last September. We organized a social media event to showcase the community‚Äôs need for  Whole Foods to reopen. And we asked people to complete a survey about who they are (young professionals, families with young children) and what changes they wanted to see in the commercial area (independent coffee spots, ice cream stores, and family-friendly restaurants). After that, we began exploring ways to bring support and resources to the business district.

After a year of weighing the options, we settled on the DC Main Streets program as the best structure for helping Glover Park thrive. See the presentation the Alliance aired before the Glover Park business community for more details.